About Us


I’m Di, a crazy dog lady, mama, founder & maker of HE.

I have been obsessed with dogs since I could remember, asking my parents for a dog for years & finally getting my first dog Molly, when I was 11. In 2006, me & my now husband Ash, welcomed Patchy in, and Ziggy came along a year later. We also rescued Layla in 2008, and did some dog fostering for local rescues while we were both at University. Our cheeky Jack Russells have been our little rocks + rays of sunshine throughout the last crazy 15 years.

While working for the NHS, I decided to start a new hobby to de-stress, so I started making collars, leads & bow ties for the special dogs in our lives.

Voila, Hounds of Eden was born in 2015.

Today we are a husband & wife team, and have grown steadily over the years, thanks to our amazing & loyal customers. We ship hundreds of parcels a week all around the world, getting lots of tails wagging!

In 2018, we welcomed another addition to the pack - our son Isaac. Life is now more hectic, however, every collar, lead + bow tie we design/make, we pour our heart + soul into. Isaac loves to help bag up treats & bottle our amazing shampoos! 

We hope you enjoy your HE products as much as we do, we LOVE to see our thousands of happy customers share their new accessories on Instagram + Facebook. So, come & join our lovely community, we are a friendly bunch who bark but never bite.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us + supporting small businesses like ours.

Di, Ash, Isaac, Patchy & Ziggy  xxx