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Pure Whole Capelin - 80g

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Pure Whole Capelin - 80g

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Feeding your dog the entire fish means that they are getting a treat that has been balanced by mother nature. All the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids are in perfect balance for your pup. Best of all, with absolutely no added ingredients, these dried capelin are fantastic for dogs who have allergies.

These treats are ideal for any size dog. You may wish to halve them for toy breeds.

- Natural source  of essential fatty acids
- Hypoallergenic supporting dogs with sensitive tummies
- Supports healthy skin and coat condition
- Supports healthy joints
- Supports cognitive function
- Easy on Digestion
- High in Omega 3 fatty acids & lean protein

100% Dried Capelin
Analytical Constituents (%):
Protein: 49.2%, Crude Oil & Fat: 33.2%, Crude Ash: 6.4%, Crude Fibres: 7.4%

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