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Whitefish Fingers - 80g

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Whitefish Fingers - 80g

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Fingers of sustainably sourced whitefish dried, you cannot get any simpler that that! Another mother nature balanced dog treat brought to you by Hounds of Eden. Your dog will love crunching in to these, and will be none the wiser that they are getting a really healthy snack, that won't add to their waste line like other snacks on the market!

These treats are ideal for any size dog. You may wish to break in to smller pieces for toy breed dogs.

- Hypoallergenic supporting dogs with sensitive tummies
- Supports healthy skin and coat condition
- Helps to remove tartar
- Easy on Digestion
- Naturally low in fat
- Sustainably sourced with full traceability
- High in lean protein

100% Whitefish Skins
Analytical Constituents (%):
Protein: 84.4%, Crude Oil & Fat: 0.3%, Crude Ash: 17%, Crude Fibres: 9.2%

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