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'LOLA' Harris Tweed Dog Collar

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'LOLA' Harris Tweed Dog Collar

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The most perfect multi-tonal pink houndstooth dog collar. A beautiful combination of bright pink, yellow, green and blue in the cosiest of patterns. Bright and colourful, it will compliment any coat colour.

                                                                       *** LIMITED EDITION FABRIC***

Please order promptly to avoid disappointment. As fabric stock is very limited, I sadly cannot offer matching leads.

All collars have a strong webbing core, are lined with black velvet for comfort & come with solid welded D-rings for peace of mind.

Harris Tweed is made from 100% virgin wool, hand dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides by islanders in their homes as per the Harris Tweed Act 1993. This beautiful tweed is of the highest quality ensuring comfort, endurance and classic British style.

  • All Hounds of Eden collars are hand made in the UK.
  • All Dog Collars are treated with a water and stain resistant coating
  • All buckles are patented, and strength tested to 220kgs (25mm wide)
  • Our dog collars are lined with velvet which ensures your dogs comfort and does not pull on your dog's fur.

When you receive your dog collar it will be ready to adjust and put straight on your dog! In order to maintain the look of your collar there are some basic care instructions that you should follow.

Washing Instructions:

Harris Twee Dog Collars should only require rinsing under water, they are designed to repel water and dirt.
Plastic/Metal hardware should be rinsed with clean water including after contact with salt water.

NOTE: Machine washing collars may reduce the effectiveness of the water and stain repellent coating.
Should you wish to machine wash your items, please use a 30oC - hand wash setting and place items in a sock/delicates’ washing bag to prevent damage.

Tweed may fur up over time to refresh the fabric you can use a 2 blade razor and gently shave the fuzz off the fabric and it should look good as new.

Before and after each walk

Before each walk, ensure that the collar is stable and correctly affixed to your dog's neck. After each walk the collar should be inspected for any damage, if the collar has become wet or dirty it should be immediately rinsed (particularly if the collar has been in salt water). Dog collars are commonly used to hold identification and registration tags. If your dog pulls on the lead whilst walking, the pressure on the neck and throat can cause discomfort and possibly injury. We therefore ALWAYS recommend that dogs are walked with a harness to prevent discomfort and injury.


X Small -      23 - 33cm length (9 - 13")

Small -         29 - 40cm length (11½ - 16")

Medium -    34 - 48cm length (13½ " - 19")

Large -         37-55cm length (14 ½" - 22")

Below is a list of breeds with approximate neck sizes and averages. PLEASE NOTE - this table is not a substitute for measuring your dogs neck correctly.

Breed of DogNeck Size Range InchesNeck Size
Range Cms
Neck Size
Australian Shepherd16-22″40-55cm47.5cm
Basset Hound16-22″40-55cm47.5cm
Bichon Frise14-18″35-45cm40cm
Border Collie14-18″35-45cm40cm
Boston Terrier12-1830-45cm37.5cm
American Bulldog18-24″45-60cm52.5cm
English Bulldog18-24″45-60cm52.5cm
French Bulldog12-16″30-40cm35cm
Bull Terrier12-18″30-45cm37.5cm
Cairn Terrier10-16″25-40cm32.5cm
Chinese Crested8-11″20-27.5cm23.75cm
Cocker Spaniel12-18″30-45cm37.5cm
Mini Dachshund8-12″20-30cm25cm
Fox Terrier10-16″25-40cm32.5cm
German Shepherd18-24″45-60cm52.5cm
Golden Retriever16-24″40-60cm50cm
Great Dane20-26″50-65cm57.5cm
Great Pyreness24-30″60-75cm67.5cm
Italian Greyhound8-11″20-27.5cm23.75cm
Jack Russell Terrier10-14″25-35cm30cm
Lhasa Apso12-16″30-40cm35cm
Pit Bull14-18″35-45cm40cm
Poodle Mini10-16″25-40cm32.5cm
Poodle Standard12-18″30-45cm37.5cm
Poodle Toy8-14″20-35cm27.5cm
St. Bernard26-32″66-80cm72.5cm
Giant Schnauzer20-26″50-65cm57.5cm
Mini Schnauzer10-1625-40cm32.5cm
Scottish Terrier14-20″35-50cm42.5cm
Shar Pei16-20″40-50cm45cm
Shih Tzu10-14″25-35cm30cm
Springer Spaniel14-18″35-45cm40cm
Staffordshire Bull Terrier14-20″35-50cm42.5cm
Wheaten Terrier18-22″45-55cm50cm
Yorkshire Terrier6-12″15-30cm22.5cm

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